Tips On Giving Your Summer Villa An Affective Makeover

Do you own a family summer home? It may be something that you haven’t actually used in while, but a place that has plenty of memories attached to it. Are you thinking of giving it a makeover? Do you feel you don’t know where to start from?

If you do, then the below tips and suggestions are exclusively for you…

Giving it another professional touch

If it’s been a while since you’ve had your summer villa (or since it was made), it is quite possible that the interior design of it may be severely outdated. In this case, use a professional to get your villa interior design, redesigned. While it’s true that most qualified designers are fairly expensive, it is without a doubt the most effective way to give your villa a significant makeover. It is particularly a good option if your villa is overseas, or if you live a distance from it and can’t personally oversee the makeover.

A simple splash of color

We know that most people are more inclined to get a commercial interior design done with less hesitancy, in opposed to getting a designer for their home. This is largely because of the work and the expenses that it involves. If you feel the same, then perhaps you should look to simpler makeover tips. One great tip, is giving your villa a new coating of color. The walls and the floor are great places to start. But you should also consider giving your furniture a coating of color to make it come alive once more.

Update your home

Like we mentioned above, if it’s an old villa, then chances are that it’s out dated. Take a good look at the light switches, electric appliances, cookware and even the taps around your villa. Are they old and out dated? Will they benefit from a change? You might think it’s a pretty small thing, and wonder if it will actually make you feel like it’s a makeover. Trust us, just replace that old showerhead for a start, and you’ll see what we mean.

Bring in the new furniture

It’s quite possible that even the fresh coat of paint on your furniture doesn’t really make it feel new or updated. In this case, it’s possible that it may be the right time to replace your furniture. Start off with replacing your mattresses and sofa upholstery. This should do the trick, and is certainly more cost friendly. Other furniture like pool chairs and breakfast stools can have their turn of replacement next.